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A Registered Trademark

langolerta has been officially registered with EUIPO since 30.10.2017. I picked out the word 2004 from a lexicon of Esperanto art and was immediately fascinated by the melodious and strange strange sounding term. But to make this name a name had to pass several years and to make the name of a brand even more so. I hope that through my tireless work in Greece I have helped to set the course, so that others will soon take the name of langolerta as a name and brand in the European area. My special thanks go to my brother Byron Amanatidis for the first sketches of the logo, and their creation in 2004. Over the years, the logo took on various shapes until it became one in its present form and color Registration with EUIPO.

The proud owner of the brand


Katharina Amanatidou


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