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Storytelling by langolerta, this is how it all started...

The beginning in Thessaloniki/Greece 2004-2014

The language school langolerta International Language School stand out because we strive for innovation and pursue this pursuit daily and with discipline.

10 years in functional, modern and friendly spaces where service, quality and success are paramount. Rooms that accommodate up to 40 students per class, a barrier-free front yard, a large schoolyard for breaks, a lending library and enough professional teachers waiting to teach you.

We give lessons for all ages and in recent years we have specialized in teenagers and adults, meeting every individual need and averting any problem before it can even arise.

We are trusted by guardians and their children, businessmen, doctors, judges and engineers, civil servants, teachers and employees for our excellent handling and execution of the lessons and the realization of the goals. Many even come from other parts of the city and ask for our services or use our distance education from abroad.

langolerta International Language School 2004-2014 in  Thessaloniki

langolerta International Language School 2004-2014 in Thessaloniki

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Always striving to be on the trail of new developments in the world of foreign language further education, the use of absolutely innovative didactic means and technology, we combine classic teaching methods with modern ones in our lessons so that our course participants are familiar with the teaching methods, them but at the same time feel a step ahead of others.

We teach the schoolchildren in particular the process of autonomous learning and equip them with the skills they will need for their later independent life. We shape personalities who think, focus, prioritize, who work together, who understand and make friends with, but also compete with others.

We also attach great importance to oral and written expression as skills, as they affect communication, the formation of opinions and the discussion of children in everyday life as later adults. We assess students on their performance both individually and as a group member so that they are encouraged to improve, develop social skills, participate and take initiative. We convey to the children that learning is fun and you, as parents, see that also during the education of your children, that our attitude and philosophy benefit your child.

Our teachers have learned how to teach and not only know the foreign language they are teaching. We have strict criteria for evaluating our teachers and we are constantly striving to continue training so that we can bring you forward and not put you in the past.

The foreign language school langolerta International Language School excels in efficiency and delivery of results, in the experience and competence of the teachers who are specialized and have in-depth knowledge, in the speed, which means time savings and above all in the professionalism.

The foreign language school langolerta International Language School with the new services for the future offers you an enrichment of school experiences.

In addition to an almost one hundred percent success rate in the German and language exams, our language school was also able to score with its branch in computer training and lead all participants safely and successfully into the ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) exams.

And so is the storytelling of langolerta from 2017-2023 in Frankfurt am Main in Germany

After a break, langolerta International Language School & Digital Language Travel will now be available to you from 2017 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and, as in the context of Web 4.0, also online. For those who love face-to-face courses, we have created a transition phase in flexible classrooms in which new technologies, including mixed reality, are used in the classroom.

It is only a matter of time before we can convince you, too, that this type of lesson knows no boundaries and barriers and that you can even take a foot bath while you study, not to mention the time it saves in traffic. You won't lose any more lessons and you can take part without getting infected with anyone in winter. You can take lessons even if your current situation does not allow you to move or if you live too far away. 


You do not live in a city, but would like to participate in our ongoing courses. Or you are often traveling or lazy to leave the house or have a cold? No problem, since 2017 we also offer live optins with one click, just join online and be there live or ask for closed face-to-face language courses for your location, we will organize it for you.

Eine Kursteilnehmerin sitzt im Deutschunterricht und versucht eine Mixed Reality Figur zu halten. Es sieht aus, als ob ein kleiner Delfin im Raum schwebt.
Hybrider Deutschunterricht mit Videoschalte seit 2017
Screenshot aus dem online Deutschunterricht

Furthermore, our online courses are also suitable as preparation for your vacation, especially since we work with travel guides and videos in the respective language. Aside from digital and secure language trips, we have expanded our offer to include language trips for both young people and adults to Thessaloniki / Greece and Frankfurt am Main / Germany, since 2021 also to Greek or German islands and we still offer one to four-hour language seminars without a contract. Our comfortable training in your company in Frankfurt and soon also in other German-speaking cities prepares you linguistically for your foreign business partners.

Since September 2019, we also offer courses in programming languages and have been nominated by the Global Forum 

for Education & Learning for the award GFEL in Dubai.

The nominations from the DUP Unternehmer Magazin led to the awards Employer of the

Future 2022 and Top Service 2022 from the German Innovation Institute for Digitalization (DIND).

In addition to the carrier approval for educational leave in Hesse 2022, langolerta International Language

School & Digital Language Travel had already been awarded the seal of approval for quality management from

Weiterbildung Hessen eV. 

With our presence at various trade fairs such as the Frankfurt Book Fair 2017-2019,

the Newcomers Festival 2017-2021 and many others, you can also get to know us in person if

you are not from beautiful Frankfurt.

We look forward to you.



Katharina Amanatidou

Owner-founder, graduate philologist, author for young people's books

langolerta Messe-Stand beim Newcomers Festival im Römerberg im Schwanensaal 2017
Siegel geprüfte Weiterbildungseinrichtung

Third time is a charm, 
langolerta only online!

From September 2023 ​ we will offer under the name langolerta now only online German and language courses as well as language services, optionally also in metaverse. because we are in touch with the times, which are characterized by artificial intelligence, and are also focusing more on blended learning formats with self-learning programs. 

By EU Business News langolerta was directly nominated for the German Business Award and received the award Best Online Language School 2023.

Stay tuned...

This is how it all started ...

German Business award 2023 from EU Business News
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