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Storytelling by langolerta,
this is how it all started...

The beginning in Thessaloniki/Greece 2004-2014

We stand out because we strive for innovation and pursue this pursuit daily and with discipline.

10 years in functional, modern and friendly spaces where service, quality and success are paramount. Rooms that accommodate up to 40 students per class, a barrier-free front yard, a large schoolyard for breaks, a lending library and enough professional teachers waiting to teach you.

We give lessons for all ages and in recent years we have specialized in teenagers and adults, meeting every individual need and averting any problem before it can even arise.

We are trusted by guardians and their children, businessmen, doctors, judges and engineers, civil servants, teachers and employees for our excellent handling and execution of the lessons and the realization of the goals. Many even come from other parts of the city and ask for our services or use our distance education from abroad.