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Language services for Corporate and private customers

Translations, interpreting, proofreading, editing

We translate or correct texts such as contracts, brochures or websites, proofread or interpret on site and via video conference.

To do this, we work with experienced translators and interpreters and check everything before handing in.

The prices vary depending on the complexity and length of the texts.

We usually need at least 10 days' lead time for translations, otherwise an express surcharge applies. Furthermore, certified translations can only be carried out in the original.


Source and target languages:

German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Arabic, Japanese and on request.


Price examples:

Translation of a standard page                                                        50 euros

Translation of a standard page with certification                         70 euros

Proofreading (spelling and grammar) per standard page          30 euros

Editing (language and style) per standard page                           30 euros

Interpreting per hour, excluding arrival and departure              50 euros


The minimum order value is 500 euros.

For translations of websites, books and large orders, different prices apply, please ask. New: proofreading of your correspondence, your essay or your task ad hoc live online or by phone. Payment is made online and in advance via the payment provider Sumup.


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