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frequently asked Questions

  • Bieten Sie Bildungsurlaub an?
    Wir sind seit 2022 zugelassener Träger in Hessen und informieren sowohl den Arbeitnehmer als auch den Arbeitgeber über Fördermöglichkeiten und die Teilnahmevoraussetzungen. Arbeitnehmer erhalten während des Bildungsurlaubs Ihr Gehalt weiter, müssen aber den Kurs selbst zahlen, für den Sie freigestellt werden, Arbeitgeber erhalten bis zu einer bestimmten Größe eine staatliche Förderung für die ihnen dadurch entstandenen Kosten. Weitere Informationen per Email.
  • Can the education premium be redeemed with you?
    You can attend a state-sponsored group language course with us with an education premium. Your education bonus will be issued to you by certain offices and institutions if you belong to the authorized group of people. Unfortunately, the program has already expired, but all education awards that were still issued in 2021 can be redeemed for a course.
  • Do you have DeuFöV courses?
    At the moment we do not offer any subsidized, job-related German courses. Please ask again from 2023. Alternatively, we have general job-related German language courses as well as professional German (and English) for self-payers.
  • Do you have integration courses?
    We are not currently running any integration courses. Please ask again from April 2022.
  • Do you take vouchers?
    We are not yet accepting eligibility certificates. Please ask again from April 2022.
  • Do you accept the education vouchers?
    Unfortunately, we are not currently running any language courses funded by the employment agency, which is why we cannot accept the education vouchers. Alternatively, you can book German or language courses for self-payers.
  • How much does a translation cost?
    Translations cost us 50 euros per standard page, since certified translators get to work and our translations have to be proofread by a second person before they are submitted. Of course, translators also use translation programs, but they don't spit out a flawless translation, especially not into or from German. That's why we only accept translations with an order value of at least 500 euros, i.e. at least 10 pages. We only accept individual pages if they are certified and must be submitted in the original. For this we charge 80 euros per page, since the certification can only be carried out by sworn translators and we pay attention to quality translations. Our certifications are to be distinguished from official certifications, as these only certify the copy of an original, not the translation of the document.
  • Können Sie mir ein Gedicht übersetzen?
    Auf Anfrage können wir je nach Sprache nach entsprechenden literarischen Übersetzern suchen, nehmen solche Aufträge aber in der Regel nicht an, da. das spezielle Übersetzungen sind.
  • Übernehmen Sie auch technische Übersetzungen?
    Wir haben geeignete Übersetzer an der Hand, bitte fragen Sie nach.
  • Can I take a language test with you?
    Unfortunately, we are not (yet) an examination institution, but we can prepare Sia adequately for every common language test on the market and with few lessons. For example, you can book langolerta exam&go with us and be prepared in ten lessons. We have had almost 100% success in the language and entrance exams since 2004.
  • Can I take the German test for immigrants or the life in Germany test with you?
  • Bieten Sie online Sprachprüfungen an?
    Aktuell noch nicht, aber in naher Zukunft.
  • How can I register for a language course?
    Please call us first or send us an email. You can also arrange a video appointment, you will receive the link by email.
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