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Corporate training with language courses from


Our expertise for your professional success

The goal of our language training is to enable your employees or partners to enable your employees or partners to express themselves precisely, comprehensibly

any language, such as German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, etc.

In order to reach the level of fluency for which the name langolerta has been synonymous for more than ten years and which is supported by twenty years of expertise, it is important to first learn the language.

it is important to first successfully complete the basic level.

and without any gaps.

The course content of our corporate training includes intercultural training, aspects of the country and phonetic exercises, which will benefit the professional development of your employees in addition to significant language skills.


We offer the following language levels:


  • Basic level, consisting of six individually building on each other, each with 50 teaching units

  • Intermediate level, consisting of two consecutive stages of 80 teaching units each

  • Upper level, consisting of four successive stages of 70 teaching units each

  • langolerta expertise, consisting of an individually compiled volume of lessons, e.g. 20-50 teaching units


We also offer technical and business vocabulary from every level.



Selection of booking options:


langolerta private                                   online individual tuition


langolerta semi-private                        online lessons with a partner


langolerta tri-qua                                    online lessons for three or four 

langolerta digital-group                              online group lessons in your or our digital                                                                                                   classrooms                                                                      


langolerta flexibel                                       flexible online individual or group                                                                                                                 lessons in blended learning with a teacher                                                                                                    and self-study programs


Please request a quote if you are interested. Consultation is

done by phone, email or video conference .
For an insight into our price list you can request a code by email.

Executives and employees of the following companies have completed their language training in German, English, French and Greek with us:


Merck &Co, Bundesdruckerei GmbH, Stromnetz Berlin GmbH, ING Bank, Currenta, Credit Suisse, PWC, Clariant, European Central Bank, KfW, GIZ, Mevgal A.E, Piraeus Bank, Viotros A.B.E.E, Sunlife, Ikia Estate, ...

In addition, course participants of well-known clients from the education sector have been trained in German as a foreign language and prepared for exams, for example those of Goethe University Frankfurt, Frankfurt School or the University of Applied Science as well as courses for institutes and publishing houses.


Virtual meeting with a language teacher
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