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Our range of courses in languages for
children, teenagers, students and adults

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Online-Klasse für Kleinkinder
Online Sprachunterricht für Kinder
Jugendliche sitzen zusamen und lernen Deutsch und andere Sprchen.

To develop from an early age to his wealth of ideas by means of a language, not only the perfect pronunciation benefits!

Alternative: Multibabysitting for pre-school children, from 700 euros per month at your home.

In our online language courses for children, there is no shortage of fun while learning...

From 60 euro/month in a whole-year course 

In our interesting language courses, no boredom is guaranteed, we are creative.
From 105 euro/month for a whole-year course in a small group

online Sprachkurse
Virtual meeting Sprachlehrer
Studenten am Computer

In our exciting courses, designed under experiential pedagogy, you will successfully learn a language, including intercultural coaching, phonetics and exam preparation.
From 107 euro / month in the whole-year course from September or from 240 euro /month in a three-month course (beginning of course always September, January, March, June)

Be one step ahead of your colleagues - we help you with subject-specific vocabulary, intercultural coaching, simulated everyday situations, role plays and much more.

Budget appropriate prices at the highest academic level you know...
From 107 euros for all-year courses or from 200 euros /month in a two-week-course.

Our intensive courses at the basic level are two-week courses 
(25 lessons/week) and from B2 on four weeks (20 lessons/week).

New: Online intensive courses individually and flexibly (12 lessons per week).


Our educational leave is one week long  (40 lessons/week).

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