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Language trips

You probably already know the language trips. You fly to another country, spend a week or two, maybe a month in another country, learn a new language, further or better, and in the evening you are too tired to actually see the city in which you are.

Why not an easy week-long program that gives you knowledge and fun.

Or just take a vacation and learn a language on the go. We have two options for you, one online and one offline. You choose your option before, during or after your trip. But you can also combine both: learn a language on site and try out langolerta digital language travel.

We offer face-to-face language courses, digital language courses and combined language courses.

langolerta Digital Language Travel

Digital language trips


If you like to travel to relax, but not to learn, but need or want to learn a language, then take your vacation trip and take advantage of ours

new service langolerta Digital Language Travel.

Here you can acquire the basic knowledge of a language from the comfort of your own home before you travel to the destination country or improve your existing language skills.

We love company, so this journey is digital, but it is live, and we are not alone because a whole group will be involved. Incidentally, we also meet live in the destination country of our trip and a presence language trip can optionally be booked.

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