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Blended learning in language courses

Our blended learning is ideal for technical languages. What is that? A combination of online lessons and a learning software program that accompanies your course program individually and flexibly. This program must be booked separately and the costs depend on the number of licenses purchased.

At the beginning you or your employees start with a free placement test. For this we use renowned programs that are established and tested on the market. Other programs are also available in other languages, e.g. German as a foreign language, French, Italian or Spanish. Upon request, we will be happy to design interactive exercises for you that are tailored to your needs and reflect your internal specialist vocabulary. 

For English see here a small list of finished AusChoices:                                             

Everyday language English/Α1-B1

Elementary level A1

Elementary level A2

Elementary level B1


Technical language English/B1

Office English

Relocation English

Travel English


Technical language English/B2

Banking English

Business English

Caregivers' English

Doctors' English

Finance English

Hi Tech English

Hotel English

Legal English

Nurses' English

Teachers' English


Blended Learning in language courses
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