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The brand: langolerta


langolerta is at the EUIPO (Office of the European Union for Intellectual Property) already registered as a trademark and is a word that comes from the language Esperanto, an artificial language that was developed by university professors to replace the world language English. For us, it has stood for expertise and ease in problem solving when dealing with language barriers since 2004 .

Being able to express oneself in a chosen way is a goal of many learners and we are happy to help you with that.


Langolerta is also the name of the sole proprietorship of Ms. Amanatidou, which she founded in 2004 in Thessaloniki in the year of the Olympic Games in Greece. It was ten years and is again an owner-managed sole proprietorship. Since then, the name langolerta International Language School has stood for quality and professionalism in foreign language teaching , as well as for success in language exams.


Ms. Amanatidou has been based in her native Frankfurt since 2015 and is not only continuing her educational work in 2017 with langolerta International Language School , but also complements it with a digital and innovative concept for digital language travel:   langolerta Digital Language Travel.



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